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Dear Dr. Layport,
Thank you so much for your before and after photos, and for letting my husband look, and for your superb care. You are particularly kind, excellent at explaining things and conscientious. It was an honor being under your care.

Bonnie R.

Dr. Layport:
Just wanted to say thank you and your entire staff for the wonderful care I received when I had my dental surgery in September and all my visits since. I was comforted and asked always how I was doing and always my questions and concerns answered. I felt comfortable and very well taken care of with my anxiety. Thank you for your excellent care and I will recommend you highly.


Dr. Layport-
Thanks for working with me and the other dentists on the solution for my teeth. I have my new bridge now and it looks and works greats. Thanks for your time and expertise.


Dear Dr. Layport and Staff,
Thank you so much for your kind consideration and your high standards and professionalism. You are head and shoulders above the crowd. You are sincerely appreciated.

Judy B.

Dear Dr. Layport,
Thank you very much for the thorough and precise work you did on my gums earlier this week. I am very appreciative of the extent "above and beyond" you went to in order to ensure the best results. Thank you also for the explanations and comparisons you offered me before the procedure. I feel I have a sense of the future trajectory of my gums and these procedures. I will see you again soon enough for the next graft.

All the best,

Dr. Layport does a great job helping take care of my teeth. I appreciate that she respects my wishes when it comes to treatment. I am not a fan of traditional gum surgery. Traditional surgery exposes more root causing sensitivity and creates more crevices for food particles to get stuck. Dr. Layport always respected that.

When Dr. Layport became aware of the LANAP surgery, she told me about it and we decided to do it. LANAP doesn't have the down-sides that regular surgery has. It significantly reduced the size of my "pockets". I have significant bone loss, however with regular cleaning and good home care, I expect to have my teeth for many years.

I appreciate that Dr. Layport keeps up on new technology. LANAP was a great treatment for me.


Seven years ago my adult daughter's dentist gave her an appointment to pull out four lower front teeth. I panicked and told my daughter to cancel the appointment. We decided there had to be a better way. We asked the lady in charge at Kaiser for a recommendation and she told us she heard Dr. Layport was really good. Today my daughter still has all her same teeth!


Dear Dr. Layport,
You have been on my mind…thinking about what a positive experience it was being referred to you by Dr. Little. I appreciated that you two followed up with each other on my behalf.

Words hardly can express my gratitude regarding your patience, thoughtfulness, and level of professionalism surrounding the tissue graft. You calmed my angst, understanding my hesitation about the procedure. You "shifted gears" expertly the day of the procedure. "OK, let's bring on that gas!" Being available for consultation a few days after when there was a question about the healing process…thank you. Your "bedside manner" is admirable. You are amazing. Yes – this is a rave review!

Also, your office staff deserves kudos as well. Every phone call and face-to-face interaction was positive and upbeat. Questions were answered timely and schedules were kept remarkably well. Thank you for running such a tight ship.

Thanks to one and all. Very appreciated and admired.


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