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Sedation Options

Sedation at Cynthia A. Layport, DMD We understand how nerve-racking the thought of treatment can be for many patients. Typically, thorough explanations and better understanding of the treatments goes a long way to reduce anxiety. We encourage patients to bring headphones and music, a podcast, or other hands-free entertainment on your phone to help pass the time. We have sunglasses and cozy blankets.

For patients that want more, we offer nitrous oxide sedation or oral sedation. With nitrous oxide the patient can drive to and from the appointment and there are minimal side effects after breathing pure oxygen for 5 minutes afterwards. For oral sedation, Dr. Layport typically prescribes Halcion, a medication similar to Valium, which has sedation and amnesic properties. Patients feel sleepy, but are awake enough to breathe, swallow and talk normally. Usually they do not remember the appointment later. Patients taking Halcion must have a driver to and from the appointment, and we must see and speak to the driver at the end of the appointment. Patients may not drive for the rest of the day even if they feel able.
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