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Perio Protect®

Perio Protect® tray from Cynthia A. Layport, DMD Perio Protect® is a chemical therapy method that helps patients manage bacteria that grow in the spaces (pockets) between teeth and gums. Therapy involves a customized tray that your dentist will place that delivers prescription-level solutions that clean away the biofilm that contributes to periodontal disease.

For patients diagnosed with periodontal (gum) disease, cleaning and therapies for periodontal care often include scaling and root planing to remove plaque and tartar and help reduce bacteria, but these bacteria multiply and regenerate very easily, making it difficult to control over time.

With Perio Protect®, your dentist will prescribe the appropriate solution for your dental needs. The most commonly prescribed solution has hydrogen peroxide for oxidizing and oxygenating properties. Oxiding agents "debride" or chemically remove the protective coating of biofilm, and cleanses the wounds in the pockets between the tooth and gums.

While brushing and flossing continue to be the gold standard of oral health, for 80% of patients diagnosed with some form of gum disease, Perio Protect® takes your oral care to the next level while avoiding repeated visits for surgical therapies.

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To learn more about Perio Protect® and whether it is the right periodontal treatment for you, contact our office today!

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