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Rescuing a Failing Implant

Peri-Implantitis at Cynthia A. Layport, DMD Dental implants are typically highly predictable procedures. Success rates are over 90%. Implants cannot get cavities, however, they can get periodontal disease. Peri-implant mucositis is bleeding, swelling, and/or infection around the implant but without bone loss. Peri-implantitis is bone loss around the implant. This can happen soon after implant placement or it can happen years later. Implants are more resistant to plaque and calculus, however once inflammation and bone loss occurs they are harder to treat than teeth with bone loss. Dr. Layport may recommend scaling, localized antibiotics, minor surgical treatments such as gingivectomy or laser LaPIP, or flap surgery with bone grafting. If more than four implant threads are exposed then treatment is less predictable and the implant is likely to fail. Early treatment is critical for success.

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